bringing music home


Bringing Music Home

Leyenda Guitar is a private teaching studio located in downtown Whitehorse providing quality guitar instruction in many styes to all ages.  


About Brenda Lee:  I have been teaching music on guitar and performing for over 30 years. I love to share my passion for this remarkably satisfying instrument. My background includes a Bachelor of Music degree as well as a Bachelor of Education degree, both from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ont.  

I am a classically trained guitarist and have studied with many teachers during my degree at Queens including Eli Kassner, Aaron Skitri and William Beauvais.

As well as teach guitar, I am a professional musician performing locally for a variety of venues, teaching at music camps, studio recording and music festivals.  As a vocalist I share my love of the jazz repertoire with a number of local musicians in the thriving artistic community of Whitehorse, Yukon.


Teaching Philosophy: I believe that music is natural and inherent in all of us.  Young or adults, training or not, we are entitled and able to express ourselves musically.  I was fortunate to have grown up in a musical household and know first hand how a musical environment enriches our lives. Encouraging music making in the home is rewarding and allows a positive and creative personal expression that will help us in all facets of our communication.

Lessons:  Taking music lessons requires a commitment from both student and teacher. I am committed to your scheduled lesson time each week including the time spent preparing special lesson material for you. I present lessons in five consecutive week segments to give students an opportunity to develop a successful practice routine with a focus unique to individual needs. I am confident students will find their progress steady, while obtaining feedback and guidance when attending regular weekly lessons.    


Located at 303 Hawkins Street

303 Hawkins Whitehorse yukon

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"As a professional musician, I am asked to create music for many different settings.  Here is one of my favourite. I was asked to create music for a short video clip featuring David Suzuki. I enjoyed the end result.  I recorded this track on a beautiful Larivee through a looper pedal."