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Tools for your Practice Session: ARTFUL PRACTICE

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What is a metronome?

Metronome is a timer machine that provides a constant tick or sound at a user defined tempo. Metronomes are used by many guitarists to improve their speed and accuracy. Practicing with a metronome will improve your timing. It's also fun to see how fast you can play in time. You can adjust the tempo up to 1000 BPM (beats per minute). You can also pop it out into it's own little window so you can better see the TABs, rhythms or music you are working on behind it. Feel free to use the embed code to embed it on your page too.

How to use a Metronome

There are a few different ways you can use a metronome to improve your timing. I'll list a couple below. 

Playing on the beat

You can use the metronome to learn how to play at certain speeds (tempo). To do this select a moderately paced tempo to begin with and play a note on your instrument for every beat of the metronome. Gradually increase the tempo as you play. Find the tempo at which you have trouble keeping up with. Don't pass this tempo until you can keep up. While it may seem a little too much like mindless self indulgence to play along with a constant tick, people claim that it is well worth the effort.

Playing inside the beats

Another way to use a metronome is to play inside the beats. For example you can use the constant tick of a metronome to study triplets. To study triplets you would play three notes for every beat of the metronome. You can use this technique to play any group of notes inside of a beat. The key here is that you must finish your group of notes before the next tick of the metronome.


More Metronome Practice Tips

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