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Method Books


Method Books

The following guitar instruction method e-books are here for your convenience in a printable and downloadable pdf format and are intended for Leyenda Guitar students private use only. 

Classical Guitar Technique

Learning The Classical Guitar Part One

Learning the Classical Guitar Part 2

Learning The Classical Guitar Part Three

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Method Books

Excellent resources to help you learn more about reading music notation.

Aaron Shearer 
Classic Guitar Technique

"Concise and authentic information on the basic fundamentals and application of guitar technique.  It presents in an orderly, progressive manner necessary basic information and exercises essential to beginning guitar instruction."

Learn & Master Guitar

An excellent all-round guitar instruction book by Steve Krenz that gives a complete overview of guitar notation and chords and technique for acoustic and finger style. download pdf here

Thirty Easy Spanish Guitar Solos

Arranged by Mark Phillips this collection of spanish pieces are suitable for the advancing beginner and features famous composers for the guitar including Tarrega, Sor and features traditional pieces for guitar.  download pdf here

Classical Guitar Method

This free download offered by Bradford Werner at is a great introduction to classical guitar technique which takes the beginner through steps in gaining confidence reading music for guitar. 

Classical Guitar Melodies 1

Melodies for classical guitar by Peter Edvinsson offers a simple notation of popular childhood songs for beginner readers.  A good introduction to reading music with satisfying results.

A Modern Method for Guitar

A Berklee Press publication this popular series for guitar by William Leavitt is "designed to teach the student to read music and to develop dexterity in both hands." download pdf here

A Classical Guitar Primer

Svein Eythorsson's Icelandic guitar school is an excellent resource for students interested in delving into the classical guitar repertoire.  Many transcriptions are available at his site.

Flamenco Tab

Easy Flamenco tab by Jurg Hochweber. This e-book offers players an introduction into Flamenco repertoire and style of playing.  download pdf here

Giuliani 120 Studies

Giuliani's right hand studies are an efficient and easy way to develop a strong right hand technique to accommodate arpeggio technique by practicing a variety of finger patterns. download pdf here