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Granville Island Busker

Posted on August 20, 2015 at 2:45 AM

Granville Island Busking - Brenda Lee Katerenchuk

I love Granville Island, so when I decided to purchase an Air North flight pass and audition for a Granville Island Busking licence, I was keen. It was a perfect summer break from my regular teaching practice. Granville Island is famous worldwide as one of the primo destinations for buskers. The Granville Island Cultural Society has very specific rules and guidelines for all licensed street performers. Every morning eligible licensed buskers draw for the 10 designated outdoor amplified areas, including a few choice covered sites. If you were lucky enough, you had first dibs on the best money making spots and times. Each site could only be played once daily creating a smooth rotation of buskers throughout the 8 hour day. Quite a treat for visitors to the famous Vancouver market! The quality of acts was outstanding. A unique aspect to this gig was being outside all day. Relying on my feet for transportation and with a cart rigged up to pull my amp and gear, I became very efficient at setting up and breaking down shows. I ended my day with a leisurely walk home along the sea wall. I loved the challenge of honing my skills and tweaking my show while the non-captive, fluid audiences renewed themselves hourly. Connecting with people from all over the globe was a treat and if I was lucky they would take my CD home. By summer's end I had learned so much but the most important lesson was how to ask for tips! The best money making act knew how to draw a crowd and cleverly involve the audience into their show. Many of the talented buskers I worked with travelled here every year from Australia, Europe or Montreal. I loved being a part of this unique community and was honoured to call myself a Granville Island Busker!

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