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Artful Practice  Musical Mind

As a professional guitarist and educator for over 30 years I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students how to play all styles of guitar, from classical to folk, jazz electric and acoustic finger style or pick style.  Topics cover all aspects of learning an instrument and include reading music notation and tablature, choosing an instrument, changing strings and even writing your own songs.  Learning to develop a dedicated practice can be helped with the guidance of a teacher who cares about your success in developing an artful practice and musical mind.


  1.  Increase your skills and confidence with personalized instruction and  video lessons.
  2. Discover techniques proven to enhance your continued practice success.
  3. Succeed with private one on one professional instruction.

  1. Understand the language of music as it relates to songs you already know and love.
  2. Be inspired learning music that compliments your personal learning style and preferences.
  3. Explore a diverse repertoire that you will enjoy playing for others.
  1. All ages and styles taught
    1. Progress steadily increasing your confidence and enjoyment in daily practice.
  2. Keep motivated with regular feedback.
  3. Discover resources that support your interests.
  • Become the player you want to be!